Girls With Guitars – Episode #260

Hi Everybody,

I’ve thinking lately that, the “girls need to be heard,” thus this episode, #260, called GIRLS WITH GUITARS. I’m going to be doing something a little different this time because all the songs on the program feature girls from mostly the early 70’s and 80’s who played guitars as pioneers of early Jesus Music.

There’ll be some folk rock from Jamie Owens and Pam Mark in their younger years before they were married and took on other last names. Also on the show we’ll hear from the ever popular “First Lady of Jesus Music” Honeytree and later Amy Grant who took up that mantle in the 80’s. Also I’ll feature a couple of women who could “rock” including Margaret Becker and the amazing Rachel Rachel. You’ll also be hearing from a few names you may not have heard of.

Thanks to the faithful ones who continue to make FULL CIRCLE available to you. They can never know how much they are appreciated.

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