What Are They Doing Now? Episode #268

Hi Everybody,

Instead of looking way, way back to the actual beginnings of Jesus music in the Jesus Movement Days, on Episode #268 we’re going to be looking back more recently at what some of the veteran Jesus music artists from the 70’s and 80’s have been working on within the past decade.

Singer/songwriters from the 70’s including Randy Stonehill and Paul Clark, Sweet Comfort Band, David and the Giants as well as Michael Card, Bob Bennett and Scott Wesley Brown whose work in the late 70’s helped pave the way for CCM radio in the 80’s. Don’t miss it! Go to Playlist 251-Present, and give a listen!!

Here’s an announcement for you that I haven’t shared up until now. After close to 15 years, my writer Russell Baum, has decided to step back from writing the show. He will be missed for sure but I honor his need to invest more time in his own projects and his family. I will look forward to your suggestions of themes for new shows and would love you to be a guest writer too, if that’s in your heart!

I’d love your prayers and financial support for FULL CIRCLE and let me know what you think of the new show by writing info@fullcirclejesusmusic.com

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