Sonic Video – Episode #269

Hi Everybody,

Loving the ideas that some listeners have for a new episode. This episode comes courtesy of a listener named Jeffrey Dean. He caught my attention by suggesting I play songs that could also be viewed on YouTube. So I found that a lot of early Jesus music jumped on board in the early days of this internet video media. Not all were polished or high dollar productions, some were just a static shot of the singer or album cover, but all and all they featured some pretty good songs for the formate.

On the show you’ll hear from Al Green, Tramaine Hawkins, Farrell and Farrell, The Choir, Randy Stonehill and a whole lot more!! For fun, look up the song on YouTube and compare them with what you hear on this episode. There are an amazing number of songs out on the video platform, that’s for sure.

Thanks again to the faithful who are supporting this program monthly and those who give even one time. Folks like Steven Weyhrich, Joshua Inman, Paul French, Tom Tatlow and many more. You made this episode possible. Thanks!!

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