Looking Back To 1974 On Episode #206

Hi Everybody,

I love to feature interviews and there are more interviews coming from folks like Phil Keaggy and Kelly Willard and others, but on this episode I thought I would focus more on the music side of things, specifically taking a closer look at the year of 1974. (Do you remember that I started in Jesus music radio in 1972 with the radio show JESUS SOLID ROCK?) At that time Jesus music was only about 5 years old!!

On this episode I’ll take you back to recall the music of Jesus music veteran Paul Clark, Barry McGuire, 2d Chapter of Acts, Love Song and so many more. Please give a listen and be sure to pass it on to other friends of early Jesus music.

You might have been wondering when this next Episode would be posted and it may be a good time to let you know that I plan on producing more FULL CIRCLE shows whether I have a large, supporting listening audience or just one or two of you that write and give financially into the ministry…because this ministry is all for Jesus and nothing more.

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Episode #205 – Truth Is Gary Chapman

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With the support of Rev David Davis and Steven Weyrich, I am able to post a “new” episode after a season of waiting. Do you enjoy waiting? Not that much fun but when you are in the service of the King, you have to learn to wait until support comes to continue on with the next season….and there are many other shows in the works…with the long-awaited update shows from Phil Keaggy, Sparrows Billy Ray Hearn and a couple of other surprises you don’t want to miss!

Gary Chapman gave me an exclusive interview recently on how it all started for him and what he is doing today…along with a sample of the new project TRUTH.

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Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue into this news season.

Leftovers Taste Good – Episode #204

So tell me, which holiday is your favorite? Many would say Christmas and I would agree but I also am very fond of Thanksgiving here in the good old USA! We have so much to be thankful for and then there’s the joy of Thanksgiving feasting with friends and family.

And there’s always so many good LEFTOVERS!! Well, this episode reflects on this thought in regards to the fact that the songs you are about to hear, are considered leftovers from past episodes of FULL CIRCLE.

What I mean by that is that we sometimes plan to play more songs on the show but because of time constraints we just can’t seem to fit in all the songs we would like to.

You don’t want to miss the music of Evie, Michael Omartian, Airborne, Daniel Band, and much more on this episode.

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Mylon Still Going Strong – Episode #203

Hi Everybody,

It has been a long time coming but my old friend Mylon LeFevre is featured on our new Episode #203 with memories and songs we’ll never forget…he’s still going strong!

As you may recall, on numerous occasions I hosted him and his band in concert during my days with the Jesus Solid Rock Radio Ministry back in Carbondale IL. So I was pleased to hear that he was going to be in Nashville and set up an interview.

For those of you who don’t know or are new to Jesus music Mylon LeFevre was one of the top acts in Contemporary Christian Music in the 80’s with the band Broken Heart. They were one of the most professional live shows in the country. But apart from all the high tech lights and sound he always found time to preach the word and give young people an opportunity to give their lives over to the Lord. In fact all the members in the band went through an extensive biblical and counseling training sessions in order to more effectively minister to those attending their concerts.

FULL CIRCLE has had to wait a little for funding from you the listener but because of a faithful friend…we can share this great show…and there are more in the wings awaiting your help. Thanks for your prayer and support!

Now Alwyn, Episode #202

Hi Everybody,

Last episode we featured Malcolm Wild from the 70’s group Malcolm and Alwyn, one of the best duo’s in early Jesus music. On this episode we feature Alwyn Wall and even if you haven’t heard of this group I am sure that you will enjoy the interview and music from this talented artist…as I’m taking you back to where it all began!!

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Malcolm then Alwyn…Pioneers of Jesus Music on Episode #201

Hey Everybody,

Back in the early days of the JESUS SOLID ROCK radio concerts in Southern Illinois, I booked in a couple of “blokes” from the UK and I will never forget their captivating songs and performance. Were you there that night? Malcolm and Alwyn have always been a favorite of mine so you can imagine my joy in tracking them down after all these years for fresh interviews. Even if you haven’t heard them I am sure that you will enjoy their interviews and music…as we’re taking you back to where it all began!!

Thanks to all who congratulated us on the 200d Episode of FULL CIRCLE. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your prayers and financial support and the help of my writer Russell Baum and producer Jeff Cain…who are anxious to produce more programs when the financial support comes in from you the listener.

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Turning 200, Our Millennial Episode Of Full Circle

Hi Everybody,

Well, it’s come to a milestone that I am excited to share with you…our 200th Episode of FULL CIRCLE. So many of our Jesus Music friends called in with congratulations and warm regards….thank you! I think you will enjoy listening to classic songs from Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Farrell and Farrell, Steve Taylor, Bob Bennett and so many more!

Why did it take so many years to get to Episode #200? Well, give a listen to the show and you’ll find out. Let me once again tell you how much I appreciate the ministry of Dr David Shibley and Global Advance who got this classic show started with sponsorship at the beginning. Without him, we probably wouldn’t have begun this journey, but I am so glad we did.

Over the years, I have made so many new friends who have shared stories and memories of early Jesus music with me. Your letters have been so encouraging and those who have joined this now listener-supported family…are so appreciated. I think they would join with me inviting the rest of you to join us as we move on towards Episode #300. See you there!!

They Can Preach, Can They Sing? Episode #199

Well, thanks to a faithful friend whose underwriting got the motor running again…here’s Episode #199…and I hope you’ll like it.
Here’s hoping that you will also be inspired to “pay it forward” for those who haven’t yet supported the radio show and be blessed as both “giver” and “receiver”.

It is the first time that I have featured artists as both preacher and singer. On this weeks episode we’ll be featuring the music and message from some of the Contemporary Christian musicians of the past who are now pastors or in some cases evangelists. They include Oden Fong of Mustard Seed Faith, Mylon LeFevre, Scott Roley of Albrecht, Roley & Moore, Glenn Kaiser of the Resurrection Band and a few others that are in the “Whatever Happened To” category.

I thought you’d like to hear some of what each of our guests sound like as they preach from the word before I get into their music. Give a listen and let me know what you think…also this week, why not go to our Facebook page and asked to join the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group and send me your email address for our Full Circle Email blasts for up to date news and photos of Jesus music artist concerts and happenings. If you download the show from ITUNES…I’d appreciate your rating the show so that others might be alerted to give that show a listen. Thanks!!!

Into The 80’s with Episode #198

Hi Everybody,

On our last episode we brought you the Sounds of the 70’s. To follow that up we’ll be moving INTO THE 80’s with those artists and songs that were hitting the airwaves and the road as Christian Music would be making huge leaps both on the radio and in the concert halls. No longer would CCM be only heard from time to time on Christian radio stations and performances be subject solely to churches but now there would be full time Christian music stations and live concerts in large theaters and for some artist the bigger arenas.

On Episode #198 we’ll be hearing from the likes of Leslie Phillips, Leon Patillo, Dion DiMucci, Michael W. Smith and more.

We’re getting close to the 200th Episode of FULL CIRCLE with lots of special guests liners,
music and memories. That’s 200 hours of classic Jesus music!!! Maybe you’d like to help financially underwrite this milestone episode? Let me know by using the PayPal button or sending your support to our mailing address….thanks for whatever you can do!!

Sounds Of The 70’s On Episode #197

Hi Everybody,

On this episode we’re going to be featuring what I’ll call the Sounds of the 70’s. These are the groups and artists who were blazing the trail for those who would come after.

We’ll be hearing from the likes of Mustard Seed Faith, Bethlehem, The All-Saved Freak Band, The Way, The Sweet Comfort Band and Ron Salsbery and the J C Power Outlet as well as individual artists including Steve Camp, Honeytree and Amy Grant.

No one really made any money back then…ministry was the driving force behind the music…seeing lives changed through the preaching of the gospel…that was the beginning of what has now become an industry unto itself.

Go to the playlist and give a listen and take a moment to write and reflect on your favorite group of the 70’s.