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On this edition of FULL CIRCLE we’re going to take a look at many of the “LIVE IN CONCERT” albums that came out during the 1970’s. We call the music of that era…JESUS MUSIC.  It was a time of pure evangelism with a no-frills take on the way the Jesus musicians of that era presented the gospel to a larger audience other than their home church or local coffee house. What they lacked in flair and pizzazz, they made up for in being real and tearing down the wall between audience and performer.

We’ll be hearing from the likes of Barry McGuire, Love Song, and The 2nd Chapter of Acts, Love Song and Andrae Crouch to name a few. The music of that time wasn’t all acoustic or country rock as you’ll soon be able to tell on Episode #124.  Blog me or let me know if you like “Live In Concert” shows like this one.

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Episode #123 is ready to listen to!!

Hi Everybody,

The music is the message on FULL CIRCLE and I have a bit of a musical bible study for you on this episode that features Daniel Band, Petra, Leslie Phillips, Benny Hester, the late Denny Correll and many more.

On this show I’m asking the question….Is Jesus Enough?  Or are you still searching?  You might be religious and have some interest in religious things…even an interest in classic music that brings back memories…but I am asking…Is Jesus Really Enough?  Give us a listen and let me know what you think?

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