Memories Of Christmas Episode #166…Blessings Of The Season!

Merry Christmas!!  Episode #166 is our gift to you as we recall the memories of this joyous season…Christ was born as a little baby in a manger…to share the love of the Father with the whole world.  Jesus is the reason for the season!

On this special episode, made possible by the generosity of Lisa Hornish, Shane Biller, Anne Marie Surson and Steven Weyhrich, you’ll hear a variety of songs from the late Larry Norman, 2d Chapter of Acts, Honeytree, BJ Thomas, Scott Wesley Brown and many others.  Thanks to these special friends who underwrote this episode…we’ll share a special interview with Phil Keaggy as he recalls Christmas.  Hope you enjoy it!!  Please download at the playlist or on ITUNES and share with others.  If you have a few minutes…go to FACEBOOK and ask to join the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group so we can stay in touch!

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!!

Special Guest Pat Terry!!! Full Circle Episode #165

Hi everybody.  Happy Thanksgiving!!  If you have a little extra time…be sure and download the next exciting episode of FULL CIRCLE for your IPOD if you’re traveling on the road or sharing some tunes with a friend.   I am featuring a very special guest….none other than the legendary singer/songwriter Pat Terry whose music in the early 70’s helped to forge a bridge between the more traditional southern gospel sound and the burgeoning Jesus music of the rock and roll variety that was popular on the west coast at the time.

We’ll be walking through the life and legacy of this often forgotten pioneer. From his humble beginnings in Smyrna, Georgia to his time in the aggregation known as The Pat Terry Group, his solo work and songwriting for other artists right up until the present day.

We’ll go way back to some Songs From The South and some Sweet Music!!  Don’t miss it!

Pastor’s Request on Episode #164

A pastor suggested the songs for this next episode of FULL CIRCLE, Episode #164, so we decided to honor him on Pastor Appreciation Day (usually in Oct) and play his songs…such as great memories from Amy Grant, Katy Troccoli, Twila Paris as well as Bryan Duncan, Rick Cua, Petra and more!!  Give a listen at and thanks for your continued support.

Come up with any ideas for a new edition shows?  Please let me know and tell  your friends about the show…which you can automatically have loaded onto your IPOD from the ITUNES store!

Seasons Are Changing…Time For A New Show…Episode #163

Hi Everybody,

I love the changing of seasons, don’t you?  The turning of the leaves, cooler weather…trout fishing! (I just returned from the White River in Arkansas….a Father/Son fishing trip…and my birthday is this weekend!!  I am a blessed man for sure. (Go to FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC on Facebook for a couple of pictures and while you are there request to be a friend!!)

There are hundreds of friends signed up at the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC Facebook page…and  on my email list.  I do appreciate the wonderful responses to the show…yet out of my whole group of friends only one friend contributed to our monthly budget this month to help me produce more FULL CIRCLE shows…but be that as it may…here’s my gift to you…Episode #163!!

The first half of our show will feature songs of an acappella nature. The idea for  this came from Bronson Groomes of Lebanon, Indiana.  I’ll be answering some of our listeners emails and fulfilling their requests for songs from Jesus musicians of the early 70’s during the second half of our show.

Thanks for your friendship and keep FULL CIRCLE in prayer in this next season.

Are You Ready For Some Football?…I Mean Episode #162?

Seems like a new season has begun…at least here in Nashville.  Temperatures dropped…leaves too…and Monday night football!!

It’s time for another FULL CIRCLE episode…thanks to my friend John Carroll who underwrote this show.  (Folks, I really do need  your help at this time to support the show…even if you send a small, one time gift…it will make the difference.  Thanks for your response and generosity as you either send check or use your credit card at the PayPal site)

This episode features the guy who is tagged at first using the term “Contemporary Christian Music”, pioneer Ron Moore…who gave an insightful interview.  There are other great songs too from Albrecht, Roley & Moore and Mark Heard.  Hope you enjoy the show.

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Prayers and blessings!


An Amazingly Encouraging Letter To Full Circle

Rarely would I share a full letter from a listener…but here’s an exception because this letter was so packed with encouragement to “press on”, that I realize regardless of discouragements and disappointments…I simply must.

Good day to you, Jerry!

I’ve been listening to your entire catalog of Full Circle shows, and I just had to write to tell you how much I love this show.  I will be totally honest with you:  I listen to a lot of podcasts and radio shows. And, if I could place all of the other podcasts and radio shows that I like on one hand, and place Full Circle on the other, and I had to choose between the two, . . . yes, I would take Full Circle over ALL the others, combined!  Your show is uplifting, inspirational, Biblical, and you play my favorite kind of music, too!  Who could ask for more?

Jerry, I want to especially thank you for playing Amy Grant, Bob Dylan, B.J. Thomas and others who have been spurned by a large portion of the Church.  We are all human, and no matter what these folks have done, they recorded some truly inspirational music.  I still remember being moved by Amy’s “In a Little While” BEFORE I ever even knew the Lord!

Thanks again for all that you do.  You are a true minister of God’s Word and His agape (His unconditional love).  Please keep up the good work, faithful servant!

Ken Wright
Johnstown, Ohio   

More Requests And Hits From 1985 On Episode #161

Hi Everybody….thanks for listening to the show and telling your friends about us.

Question:  When did the last Episode of Full Circle post?  Survey says: (actually only one) July 6th!

Thanks to a new friend who sent us help…Mr. James Campbell…here’s Episode #161 featuring some special requests for hit songs from 1985.  You’ll hear from the likes of Petra, Kerry Livgren, Connie Scott, David Meece and much more.  Go to the playlist, click and enjoy!

Sadly we lost several Jesus music pioneers recently.  Dan Peek, from the band America passed away at the age of 60 on July 24th. His album, “All Things Are Possible” lives on in his memory.

On July 31st, one of the seminal figures in the development of UK Christian music, guitarist, singer and songwriter Norman Barratt died at age 61 in London, after suffering severe post-surgery complications.  He played with Christian acts such as The Mighty Flyers before joining the Alwyn Wall Band in 1976. The band recorded one album for Word and toured with America’s Larry Norman.

Janny Grein spiritual music singer and songwriter lost her bout with cancer on Aug 4th but it was heaven’s gain.  She wrote such classics as “More Than Conquerors/Count It All Joy/Free Indeed.”

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Blessings!

Requests To The Heart, Episode #160 Is Released

Hi Everyone,

You can go to the Playlist button above and open the latest Episode #160 of the show, featuring “requests to the heart”.  Let me know if you hear your request!  You hear a variety of songs from everyone from Cliff Richard to Bob Dylan to Michelle Pillar as well as male/female duos, trios, and a four some…and a very early, early song from a young Matthew Ward!  Should be a lot of fun to listen to and share with your friends…be sure and let them know that they can download onto their IPOD at the ITUNES store as well as listen on my site.  Hope to see you on Facebook too…as the group is growing there.

There’s no intent to pressure you but the listener support for the show has slowed to a trickle…even though a score of new listeners have recently joined our group.  I realize many of you just don’t realize that the reason FULL CIRCLE is being produced is simply because of “financial underwriting” from a small group of friends…which is wonderful…but we need many, many more so the show can be produced weekly!!

If you can help in any way…use your Master Card or Visa above or send your gift to FULL CIRCLE, 2608 Mesa Drive, Nashville, TN 37217…and thanks!

There’s Still Time!!

Hi Everyone,

There’s still time to make plans to attend Cornerstone 2011 near Bushnell, IL, and be at the JESUS RALLY on June 30th!!  Featured are pioneers of early Jesus Music like Barry McGuire, EBand, Sheep, Petra, Servant, Daniel Amos and Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill.  Go to for all the details!!!

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Cornerstone Fest 2011 Review, Episode #159

The artists and groups featured on this episode were tagged to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the JESUS MOVEMENT being the cover story of TIME magazine on June 21st 1971, at Cornerstone 2011 Music Festival.  Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, Barry McGuire, Eband, Petra, Servant and more….go to the play list and give a listen!!

Will you be attending the Jesus Music Rally at Cornerstone?  Go to

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