Faith, Hope, Love on Episode #265

Hi Everybody,

It’s exciting when a listener not only underwrites an episode but also picks out the theme and the songs. Bob Henniger did just that and you can enjoy this new episode because of him.

I’ll be playing songs that relate to the “love” chapter, First Corinthians 13:13. You’ll hear from David and The Giants, Pat Terry Group, Bob Bennett the late Denny Correll and much more! Songs about Faith, Hope and Love! I think you’ll enjoy looking back to where it all begin.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Episode #264

Hi Everybody,

Evangelism and missions are a vital part of the mature Christian life. Give a listen to Episode #264. Let’s give people something to talk about. Matthew 5:14 says that “You are the light of the world.” Let that light shine.

Go to Playlist 251 – Present and click Episode #264 and give a listen.

Featuring Jesus Music from Charlie Peacock, Michele Pillar, Paul Clark, Rob Frazier, Steven Curtis Chapman, Randy Stonehill, Scott Wesley Brown, the late Keith Green and more.

I’m more than grateful to listeners that suggest themes for new shows, send mp3’s of old songs and financially support this tax-exempt ministry. Special thanks to Steven Weyhrich, Bob Henninger, Joshua Inman, Denzel Polliock, Paul French, John Boughton, Tom Tallow, Joseph Culp and so many more for making this show possible.

Spirit Of St Lewis – Episode #263

Hi Everybody,

Do you remember the early Jesus Music band called MUSTARD SEED FAITH and their amazing cover art by Rick Griffin? I hope you didn’t miss it because it was ranked #36 on the top 500 CCM albums of all time.

Lewis McVay, on the of the founders of the band is my special guest on Episode #263 and you’ll enjoy hearing how it all came together. You’ll hear not only songs from MUSTARD SEED FAITH but original tunes from Lewis himself from his SPIRIT OF ST LEWIS project.

Special thanks for the inspiration for this episode goes to Frank Ciminio who also underwrote the cost of production. Maybe he will inspire you to do the same. Suggest a theme or guest and underwrite the next episode. Write me at Thanks.

Living Water – Episode #262

Hi Everybody,

If you’ve heard the phrase “living water’ in reference to Jesus, you’ll understand the theme of this new episode about WATER. I’ll feature some great songs from Scott Wesley Brown, Jamie Owens Collins, Phil Keaggy, the band SERVANT and the late Mark Heard. Just go to the Playlist – 251 tab on this page and click and give a listen.

Thanks again to all the FULL CIRCLE friends who helped support financially and in other ways this new episode. I greatly appreciate all you do.

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Old Men With Guitars – Episode #261

Hi Everybody,

Like the poster on my FaceBook page and the email blast I send out, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE AN OLD MAN WITH A GUITAR, OR 2…OR 5…OR 10. CUZ A MAN CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY GUITARS.

Recently I produced episode #261 of FULL CIRCLE entitled GIRLS WITH GUITARS. It seemed right to let them go first. Agree? But you know that the guys want their own show too, right?

So on this Episode, you’ll hear from Paul Clark, Bob Bennett, Bruce Carroll, Petra, Randy Stonehill, and a lot of other great guitarists and of course Phil Keaggy!


Learning To Trust – Episode #259

Hi Everybody,

Well, I’m postponing the next planned episode featuring Old Guys With Guitars to focus on where we are presently. We’re on hold, paused, waiting AND learning to trust. Give a listen to Episode #259, LEARNING TO TRUST with Jesus music from John Michael Talbot, Benny Hester, Dogwood, Twila Paris, David Meece and many more.

It’s so hard to wait for so many yet, God is fully aware and in control. He knows what He is doing. These Jesus music songs carry a message of encouragement for what you may be going through today. Go to PLAYLISTS just above, 251-Present and give a listen.

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Girls With Guitars – Episode #260

Hi Everybody,

I’ve thinking lately that, the “girls need to be heard,” thus this episode, #260, called GIRLS WITH GUITARS. I’m going to be doing something a little different this time because all the songs on the program feature girls from mostly the early 70’s and 80’s who played guitars as pioneers of early Jesus Music.

There’ll be some folk rock from Jamie Owens and Pam Mark in their younger years before they were married and took on other last names. Also on the show we’ll hear from the ever popular “First Lady of Jesus Music” Honeytree and later Amy Grant who took up that mantle in the 80’s. Also I’ll feature a couple of women who could “rock” including Margaret Becker and the amazing Rachel Rachel. You’ll also be hearing from a few names you may not have heard of.

Thanks to the faithful ones who continue to make FULL CIRCLE available to you. They can never know how much they are appreciated.

But Forgiven – Episode 258

Hi Everybody,

You’re hearing a whole lot about injustice nowadays, but not a whole lot on forgiveness. Yes, justice can help to implement change but real lasting change comes when the heart, soul, mind and spirit are all transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. And this change begins with forgiveness.

So it is with that in mind that the songs on this episode reflect on the spirit of forgiveness. You’ll hear from Eddie DeGarmo, Michael Card and Bruce Hibbard, rockers Kenny Marks, WhiteHeart and Petra, female singers Kim Boyce, Michele Pillar and Twila Paris, plus a few other surprises along the way.

Sorry the show was delayed as the giving to FULL CIRCLE is down but thanks to Denzel Pollack, Tom Tatlow and Steven Weyhrich, we got it done. Thanks.

Pass the show on to others. Who knows if the power of the words in these songs could change their life?

Not Forgotten on Episode #257

Hi Everybody, On this episode I’ll be featuring songs from those musicians who started out in the 1970’s but by the mid to late 80’s seemed to have had less of an impact for a variety of reasons. That’s not a putdown but we tend to forget what’s not in the limelight and here are some songs and artists, that we don’t want to forget.

Some of the artists you’ll be hearing from include Jesus music veterans Randy Stonehill and The 2nd Chapter of Acts. Singer / Songwriters Barry McGuire, Chuck Girard and Paul Clark. The husband and wife duo known as Farrell & Farrell. Female songstress Jamie Owens Collins. As well as Keith Green and Larry Norman, both of whom have gone on to be with the Lord.

Many have told me that you loved the 80’s Jesus music, so we’ll probably do this again and try to get to other songs you want to hear. Why not write me at and let me know what to add to this list.

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Dreams And Visions on Episode #256

Hi everybody, On this episode I want to explore, Dreams and Visions. Ever had any? God uses them to communicate with us, giving us direction and in some cases get our attention when we are not listening.

You’ll hear from Jesus music pioneers Alwyn Wall and Darrell Mansfield, 80’s singer/songwriters David Stearman and Paul Smith, female artist Stephanie Boosahda and Twila Paris, the husband and wife duo of Farrell & Farrell as well as some other less well known musicians who have touched on the topic of Dreams & Visions.

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