Episode #293 is posted, and CHOICES really do matter

Hi Everybody,

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Because of my special friend Bob Henninger, I am pleased to offer Episode #293 entitled CHOICES. The idea for the show and the songs that you’ll hear were contributed by Bob, who also was the financial underwriter for the show. What a great gift that you could also consider doing for this radio ministry sometime. Bob even sent me the songs on mp3s. Thanks brother!

You’ll hear great tunes from the Sweet Comfort Band, Mylon LeFevre, Chuck Girard, Pat Terry Group and the late Denny Correll and much more. Be sure and consider how important choices really are each and every day.

Give a listen by going to the the https://www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com/playlist-251-present/ and check #293. Be sure and tell your friends. Thanks!

I’m Not Alone, with Russ Taff, Part Two on Episode #292

Hi everbody,

Here’s part two of the interview and music of Russ Taff. On this episode you’ll hear more of his great songs like I’ve Come To Far, Walk Between The Lines, This Love Is Strong and his best known We Will Stand and others.

You might find the interview causes emotions to rise up, not just because of his tender honesty and openness but because it might uncover something you’ve left buried way too long. If Russ can find forgiveness and freedom through surrender, so can you. And that’s the real reason for this ministry since it started in 1972.

If you would please, pass Part 1 and Part 2 on to someone you knows that might need to hear this powerful testimony and listen again yourself.

Thanks to all who underwrite this ministry. There’s room for you too if you would prayerfully consider using the DONATE button at the top of this page. All gifts are tax exempt and appreciated whether one time or on a regular monthly basis. Thank you!

I’m Not Alone, with Russ Taff, Part One on Episode #291

Hi everybody,

I’ve been looking forward to sharing my interview with Russ Taff. I quickly discovered I couldn’t get it all on just one episode and that I would need to record part two. So I did and it was great and I’ll share that part next. My special friend Ken Eichler was the inspiration and contact with Russ on this episode and so I dedicate this episode to him.

You’ll hear a very transparent and honest story from Russ, his hidden struggles and fears and how Jesus made such a difference in his life. Stories told through the songs like DOWN IN THE LOWLANDS, I WANT TO CHANGE, I CRY, SILENT LOVE and the song that is reflected in the episode title, I’M NOT ALONE. I believe this is a show you’ll want to listen to more than once and pass on to a friend.

Thanks again to my supporters who helped to underwrite this project and join me in inviting you to become part of our giving team for this ministry. At the top of this website, just go to the DONATE tab and check the giving button. Gifts either one time or monthly are tax exempt. Thanks!

Trust In God – Episode #290

Hi Everybody,

Are you trusting in God? Probably so, but you can re-check as you listen to this episode with the same focus. Are you willing to take the challenge and see if you really trust in God! You’ll hear songs from David Meece, 2d Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy, Allies, Bob Bennett and the late Keith Green. Give me a listen to Episode #290 and tell a friend.

I’m especially grateful to Karen Wheelock, David Davis, Steven Weyhrich, Craig Dinsmore, Tom Tatlow, Rene Zwahlen, an older faithful listener Paul French and a new listener Keith Piper for praying for and underwriting this show. You could be next to help by going to www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com and using the “GIVE” button. All gifts are tax exempt!


Don’t Lose Hope, Jesus Cares – Episode #289

Hi everybody,

This is Jerry Bryant and I think this episode will be an encouragement to many. We’ve all sensed loss from time to time, but the encouragement of these songs will be to not give up and lose hope. Jesus cares!

You hear from Greg X Volz, Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart, Leslie Phillips, Steve Camp, Michael Omartian and so many more. Jesus will help change your perspective as to what has happened to you that has caused you to grieve. He came to comfort those in a place of despair. I know, He has comforted me.

Thanks again for your support of this radio ministry! Blessings and tell a friend!

One Way, Episode #288

Hi Everybody,

The JESUS REVOLUTION was real back in the late 60’s and early 70’s and it’s real today. Jesus is moving. The songs you’ll hear on this FULL CIRCLE came out of that God ordained era and influenced today’s CCM. I was part of that season and thankful to get to share those songs and the story with you on Episode #288.

I’ll feature music from Maranatha Music’s The Way, Mylon LeFevre, Benny Hester, Jon Gibson and the late Larry Norman and much more. I’d like to remind you that there’s just ONE WAY! That’s what Jesus said. Just “one door” to the Father. Give a listen and tell a friend.

Thanks again for those who underwrote this episode that I’ve dedicated to the “littlest Jesus freak,” my son Andy. That’s his “one way” finger to heaven, on the cover of my social media.

Honeytree – 1st Lady Of Jesus Music on Episode #287

Hi Everybody,

On Episode #287, get caught up on the beginnings of the early Jesus Movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s, with my special guest HONEYTREE, on FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC. She’s been at it for over 50 years and was named by some as the 1st Lady Of Jesus Music. We’ll be recalling those early days and the influence she had as a “pioneer.”


Special thanks to all of my listeners for your support and encouragement for this classic oldies show. Please remember to tell your friends about FULL CIRCLE and would you prayerfully consider joining others who are supporting this ministry in prayer and financial support? All gifts are “tax-exempt.”


What’s Your Spiritual Bandwidth? – Episode #286

Hi everybody,

Special thanks to a new friend Glenn Christensen, who along with others underwrote this episode of Full Circle. I’m so appreciative of those who believe in this ministry, tell others and pray for us as well as help financially underwrite our expenses. So grateful.

On this episode, I’m going to explore a problem that a lot of us have, “spiritual burn out.” Trying to do too much, too quickly within a day. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged of ways to stay closer to Jesus and let him order your steps. This is a season where we must focus on peace and rest and watch him do what he wants to do through us. No striving!

You’ll hear songs from Randy Stonehill, Renee Garcia, Jon Gibson, Kelly Willard and the late Robbie Duke and many more. Ballads, provoking lyrics, pop and jazz, all pointing to keeping our pace by keeping our eyes on Jesus. I think you’ll be encouraged. Give Episode #286 a listen!!

One Small Child – Episode #285, Christmas 2022

Hi everybody and Merry Christmas,

This year I decided with the help of Kevin Riggs, Joseph Culp and others, to produce a Christmas program that reflects on the birth of ONE SMALL CHILD. Isn’t it amazing how one life can impact eternity? We have so many wonderful songs from early Jesus music artists to pick from. It’s a win win! These songs can be played all year long, because this wonderful story impacts every single day of the year.

You’ll hear from Michael Card, GLAD, Twila Paris, Tim Miner, Evie and others. They all celebrate this precious gift God gave to the world, ONE SMALL CHILD!

Thanks for your prayers and support this past year. Although only a few, you’ve kept Classic Jesus music alive for the rest of us!

50 Years With Paul Clark!!! Episode #284

Hi everybody,

I wanted to surprise you with an early Thanksgiving gift. Here is the next episode, Episode #284, that you can listen to while traveling to your family on Thanksgiving, carving the turkey or sometime during the weekend.

What a real joy to visit with my friend 50 years, Paul Clark, add his studio in Hermann, MO and recalled memories of where it all began! On this Episode you’ll hear songs from Volume One and Volume Two from Songs From The Savior and his journey since that early beginning.

What more can be said about this legend, an early pioneer of the Jesus Music era! Enjoy!!